Packing for your trip to Alaska

Alaska is a scenic destination that demands a furry winter coat. You won’t be seeing any bikinis and flip flops. Summer days are endless fun, yet the air will be cool, with a fresh breeze. It’s essential to pack correctly for your trip or you may end up feeling like you’re walking in an endless icebox. Wardrobe rules include fleece, wool and quick-dry synthetics. But most importantly, always have a rain jacket.




You may want to roll yourself in in a couple of blankets the moment you step into the cold, but that won’t be necessary when you’re wearing the right clothing. The first thing in your luggage will be wooly jerseys. Pack a fleece jacket as it can get pretty cold at night, even in the height of summer. Preferably choose a synthetic jacket as this kind of material doesn’t get too wet. When you’re out on the go you’re going to need quick dry hiking pants. Any item of clothing that is breathable and dries quickly will be perfect for Alaska. Quick dry T-shirts are also perfect for layering.


You may wonder why you need to pack a baseball cap, but it will certainly come in handy. It’s not only good for those bad hair days, but also perfect for keeping the rain off your face. Other than packing in the essentials such as a warm cap, gloves and socks, once you have the basics for keeping warm no cold weather will stop you in your tracks. If you can buy a pair of rain boots, you won’t regret it. They are made of neoprene, are flexible, warm, and waterproof. Which is perfect for kayaking and other water sports. If you’re unable to afford pricey rain boots, waterproof hiking boots or sneakers will do just fine.


Keep track of the time


Don’t take time for granted. Ensure you have on a watch as the time can be pretty confusing with all those hours of daylight. On that note, it’s also essential to pack in an eye shade. Sometimes during summer it’s only dark from 10 pm to 5 am. If you want to sleep in, be sure to head into your cabin, close the curtains and put on your eye shade. Your body won’t immediately be used to the different time zone, so be sure to stick to a sleeping schedule.


Don’t forget your camera


Alaska is insanely photogenic with its surrounding beauty. Choose a durable waterproof camera which ideally has a floating keychain. You wouldn’t want to lose lasting memories when you’re out boating.

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