Packing for your long awaited cruise

Don’t be caught off guard by not packing socks into your carry-on. You may find yourself unseasonably cold in the airport or airplane with no layers to keep you warm. Don’t end up wasting money and time on shopping for items that you already have but didn’t pack. Going on a cruiseship is an exciting experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Make it memorable by ensuring you’ve packed in your much needed items.


Wisely pack your carry-on bag

Pack important medicines such as painkillers and seasickness meds, as well as essential toiletries. If for some reason your luggage gets lost by the airline on the way to the cruise ship you’ll at least have some essentials with you. Your carry-on should also contain warm clothing as well as items you can quickly slip into and get out of.


Packing checked luggage

Lay out all your clothes and carefully think about what you need. Rolling your clothes in small bundles instead of folding saves space. Avoid packing valuables in your checked luggage. If the worst happens, you’ll at least have the surety that your goods are safe. Pack all cameras, electronic games and jewellery in your carry-on.


Know the dress codes

Check whether the cruise hosts any formal evening dinners, or you’ll find yourself underdressed in beachwear and flip flops. Fortunately some cruise lines do offer tux rentals and formal evening wear if you haven’t packed your own.


Onboard laundry

Be sure you to check with the cruise line whether they provide self-service laundromats. The ones that do have such facilities might not offer them for free and it can become expensive. Save on laundry costs by bringing travel-sized detergent. Rinse out underwear and shirts in your cabin’s bathroom.


Never make assumptions about your cabin

Your cabin may not stock your prefered brand of toiletries. All cabins will have the basics on board, such as soap and shampoo. Make room in your luggage for your favorite brands. Don’t unpack your toiletry kit between trips. Rather, keep your travel-sized bottles and toothbrush inside your kit so that you don’t end up forgetting something.


Keep the basics in mind

If you’re going to be using your cell phone for reminders, the alarm clock or the camera, be sure to put it on airplane mode. This feature will prevent you from incurring roaming charges in foreign waters. Pack the basics: batteries, camera memory cards, sunscreen, earplugs and plastic bags to store bottles containing liquids or wet items. And never forget your power points to charge all your electronics.


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