Packing for road trips with kids

Traveling with little ones can be time consuming as well take up a lot of your energy. The endless questions, while running up and down can leave you feeling completely tired by the end of the day. When you consider taking a road trip with children you may shy away from the thought, but if you plan well it can turn into a rewarding trip.


Don’t forget the pillow and blanket

Children feel more comfortable having their own items around them. If you’re planning on an overnight stay at a B&B, be sure to pack their duvet cover. The journey will be long. Put their pillow and blanket in the backseat with them. Sleeping comfortably will make the journey more comfortable for them and they’ll be less cranky when they wake up from their nap.


Clean-up supplies

Spills and drops occur far too frequently when children are around. Cleaning up spill will be the least of your problems when you realise you don’t have enough clean-up supplies in your car.

Keep a roll of paper towels, a box of wipes and a garbage bag handy to easily clean up any mess. Whether you’re driving a used BMW or a brand new Porsche, no one wants to drive in a messy car.


Pack toys

Boredom for children is much worse than it is for adults. When children are bored on a road trip their endless whining can become a painful experience for you. Pack their favourite toys, colouring books and anything else that will keep them busy. Many might say a portable DVD isn’t ideal for a road trip. No one will spend time enjoying each other’s company or the scenery. However, you can work around this. Bring along the portable DVD for when the drive becomes monotonous. Putting on a DVD is a sure way to keep your little one occupied. Don’t forget the backup pair of earphones.


Pack enough snacks

Snacks and treats will keep your children at bay. But be careful of the amount of sugary treats you give them. Too much cooldrink or water can lead to several trips to the restroom and having them sugared up is a call for disaster. Be sure to pack fruits and healthy snacks for a good balance.

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