On Stage in the North West 2012: Liverpool

The north westerly city of Liverpool is an abundance of live music and theatre productions. Offering a myriad of stage shows to choose from, its difficult not to find something to suit you. You can easily find cheap hotels in Liverpool to make an evening of it and be sure not to miss the encore by running to catch the last train home.


For the kids, Disney Live will be arriving at the Echo Arena on the 29th of August and sticking around until the 2nd of September. To mark the close of the school holidays, what better way to entertain your young ones than with a musical extravaganza with some of their favourite Disney characters. Join Donald, Goofy, Belle, Snow White, Alice and the Mad Hatter on this one-of-a-kind show that will instill magic in your childrens eyes and fill their imaginations with joy and laughter.

The classic story of the Von Trapp family arrives at the Empire at the beginning of November for audiences to enjoy. The timeless appeal of The Sound of Music will have the audience singing along to the classic melodies, including Do-Re-Mi and The Hills Are Alive. Join some of the most diehard fans and dress up in typical attire, to really get into the spirit of things.

Seen by millions all over the world and commonly placed in the top guilty pleasures of men and women everywhere, the touring classic, Dirty Dancing , arrives at the Empire in October. Have the time of your life watching the smash hit stage adaptation. Remember, no one puts Baby in the corner.

The English National Ballets interpretation of the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty take to the Empires stage at the end of October. With mesmerising choreography, well known classic ensembles and the classic Once Upon a Dream from the Disney adaptation, this production will be as brilliant as it will be beautiful.

Popular West End enigma, Dave Willetts, stars in the inspirational tale of Peggy Sawyers rise to Broadway stardom, arrives on stage mid-November.
42nd Street is definitely not to be missed, if only for the classic singalong music interludes.


Some of the best names in comedy will be hitting the northern shores this autumn. If youre in the area, be sure to catch an act to have a night filled with laughter and side-splitting chortles. The award-winning comic, John Bishop , is at the Echo at the beginning of October, in his brand new arena tour.

Following a two-week break, the hilarious Ross Noble returns better than ever with his latest tour full of random and nonsense. He can be found boggling the Echo on the 6th of October.

With numerous accolades under his belt, Michael McIntyre is back in another arena show following on from his previous sell-out tours. Grab tickets when you can, theyre selling quickly.

Whatever show you decide to catch at the theatre, whether it be your favorite musical, a top comedy performance or even browsing the huge number of music listings over the comings months, youre sure to find something in Liverpool.