Must-Visit Napa Wine Country Travel Destinations

There are all kinds of wine-producing areas in the United States, from the cold reaches of New Hampshire to the little-known Altus, a grape-growing region of Arkansas. But without question, the most famed wine-producing area in the US is Californias Napa Valley.

Millions of tourists flock to Napas wine country every year to taste some of the finest vintages in the world. If youre planning your first trip to Napa, these are some of the must-see food and wine destinations you should take the time to visit.

Beringer Vineyards

To many people, Beringer is just another big-name wine brand. But what many supermarket wine shoppers dont realize is that Beringer is one of the most iconic wineries in Napa. Shortly after Prohibition, Beringer became an iconic getaway for Hollywood stars like Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. By making your own pilgrimage to Beringer, youre following in the footsteps of Hollywood royalty and some of the very first Napa wine tourists.

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The American Wine Classic Auction Napa Valley

If you want a chance to bid on fabulous casks of wine or other wine-related goodies, schedule your trip to coincide with the once-a-year event, the American Wine Classic. Events run the gamut from casual to black tie, and there are over 200 auction lots to bid on.

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The Napa Valley Wine Train

Running between Napa and St. Helena, this luxurious train offers stunning views of the countryside. In addition, passengers can also enjoy sumptuous gourmet feasts and delightful Napa vintages. The train is the perfect destination unto itself for fine dining or entertainment, and a great way to tour local wineries as well.

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The Fatted Calf

The first Thursday of every month is Butchers Happy Hour at the Napa location of The Fatted Calf. This event includes a butchery demo, snacks, and a glass of wine for diners, all for free.

In the mood for a picnic? Stop by their Napa location for sandwiches, picnic-ready charcuterie, salads, and more. The Fatted Calf also does cooking classes and demos.

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