Movies to Inspire Your Next Vacation

Its been several years since Eat Pray Love came out in theatres and filled our heads with plans of an Italy-India-Indonesia vacation. Movies have always been a great driver of our travel tastes. If youre planning your next vacation, why not make it an homage to a great film? Here are some great travel itineraries inspired by the movies.

1. Roman Holiday

Zipping around the city on a Vespa, sitting on the Spanish Steps, sticking your hand into the Mouth of Truth, and dining al fresco a vacation in Rome inspired by the Audrey Hepburn film is a great idea for both men and women. Roman Holiday features fun, food and love what more could you want from an Italian vacation?

2. The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity might seem like a weird film to base your travel plans around, but its a surprisingly smart idea. Channeling your inner James Bond can be fun, but channeling your inner Matt Damon is far better. The film spans a huge chunk of Europe, from France to Switzerland to Greece. Get yourself a German driver named Marie and really see the countryside by traveling by car. Just, you know, try to avoid nearly drowning in Marseille or getting shot at in Zurich.

3. Before Sunrise

In many ways, Before Sunrise is the ultimate travel film. Following the blossoming romance between two strangers who meet on a train to Vienna, this enchanting film is the perfect inspiration for anyone who hopes to find romance while traveling. If you want to take a really long trip, add the destinations in sequels Before Sunset and Before Midnight to your travel itinerary (Paris and Greece).

4. Sideways

If you plan to travel with your best friend, Sideways is a great film to mirror. Traipsing through wine country, eating amazing food, and taking in stunning vistas: A Sideways-inspired trip is a great way to relax and unwind.