Mobile Phone Tips for Travelling Abroad

Image Source: Travel + Leisure

Nowadays, with all technology available in our hands, we are quite used of always being in touch. Emails, GPS equipments and especially mobile phones make sure you are always communicated and with access to local maps, emergency numbers and even the Internet. Local restaurants, hotel or resorts: all just a small search and maybe a call away. Yet this is not always true when it comes to travelling abroad, as mobile phone technology may not be as developed in certain places, or it may not exist at all. It is recommendable then to have a few tips in mind if you are planning to travel abroad and you are counting on your mobile phone to make your life easier out there.

The first thing youll have to consider is that taking your SIM Card on your trip will usually not be worth it. On the best scenario (that it works in the country you are going to) your bill back home will be outrageous. On the worst case possible youll be carrying a useless piece of plastic and metal around during your business trip or family vacations given that your service provider is not known in the foreign country you are visiting. To avoid such complications, simply buy a local SIM Card. It may result a little expensive to call back home but you can always use other systems for long calls (like Skype for example). Local SIM Cards will be useful for most simple calls and youll always be in touch in case of any emergency.

Also have in mind that local mobile phone service providers may differ in price rates, technology available and services provided. It is a good recommendation to find out a little about the possibilities on hand before buying a local SIM Card. Just ask a local friend, a business partner, the Hotel concierge or the travel agency. Most mobile phone companies have webpages too so, if familiar with the local language, you can check all information available in the convenience of your own home.