Map Reading Tips

Image Source: Biggerplate

If you need reading glasses for that eye-blinding small text used in the maps, by all means, use them! That text type is small for a reasonits to fit everything on the map that should be in that map. Another way to find if youre going in the right direction: Ask a local where your destination is. Theyre glad to assist you in finding your way and can give you landmarks to look for. Just pick a nice lady when you do ask for the elusive directions.

Check the map for any English translations, if in a foreign city. What may read as one thing in English may mean youre headed in another direction totally when translated into that locals native tongue. If all else fails, if you miss a direction, so you find it by backtracking your steps or your ride. Part of the adventure is getting where you want to go, so make the best of it and try not to complain too much. Besides, adding that layerll only aggravate the one who got the lot of you lost to start with.

Get detailed, written directions to use in conjunction with the map. These directions should read like take a left turn at the red building with a white awning in the front or look for the museums bright blue doors. Three doors down on your right is where you go right and that will put you on Schiller Street or something to that effect. When getting written directions to your destination, ask for those directions to be as specific as possible.

And, if you still cant find your way back home and your eyes are too tired and its too dark to scan the mapit might be time for a personal GPS.