Making Long Distance Flights More Comfortable

Image Source: Travel + Leisure

We all have grown to dread those long flights to anywhere! Mostly because the seats are so uncomfortable. No more uncomfortable long flights, that is if you follow some of these simple tips for a more relaxing and comfortable flight. At any possible time throughout the flight stretch your legs. Get up and shake! By keeping your blood flowing you will be less likely to stiffen up during your flight. Invest in a small pillow for your neck. As long as you have your neck supported and comfortable you will not get achy in your neck.

Put a pillow behind your back for a little more added support. This will ease soreness in your back. Pack lots of gum, at takeoff and landing it is common for ears to pop. By chewing gum during these times it relieves the pressure in your ears. This can even help those of you that might be nervous about the flight. Use it as a distraction if possible. If you start to feel your body getting tight turn your right shoulder over towards the left side and right side towards the left. This stretching exercise helps your upper body muscles to get the blood flowing through them and lessens your stiffness.

Wear comfortable loose clothing and shoes. Give your body the chance to breath and be relaxed. Slip on shoes are great for when your feet get a little cranky and want to be let out! You can easily slip them off and right back on a few minutes later. Always remember what Mom said when you were a child. Make sure you have clean socks! Be courteous to your neighbors on the flight. For some added care when your dogs are barking, rotate your ankles in circles and point your toes out and back in. This will get the blood moving back into them during long flights.