Make your bedroom look like a hotel room

Hotel rooms are made up of luxury linens and a whole host of conveniences. Living in the lap of luxury for a few days can instantly uplift any foul mood. It’s the “hotel feelingthat gives people the feeling of wanting to go back. No matter where you come from, staff will treat you like royalty. You can partake  that “hotel feelingto your bedroom by incorporating a few elements you’ve seen in your hotel room.

Start with your bed


What do most hotel rooms have in common? Plump, white duvet covers. Those fluffy pale sheets are the key factor that make hotel beds feel soft to the touch. Go to bed in style by purchasing plush white sheets. The next time you’re at the hotel, check the label on the sheets to see where they’re from or ask hotel management who their supplier is.


Add extra detail to your bed


Don’t skimp on the amount of pillows on your bed. Mix up the textures and go for the highest quality possible. Don’t forget about your throw on the edge of the bed or hang it over your sofa.


A casual seating area


Create a corner seating area in your bedroom if space allows. Most hotel rooms have a seating area a few steps away from the bed. Put a cozy chair in a sunny spot, overlooking the window. This is an ideal place to relax while reading a book. If there’s wiggle room, see if you can squeeze in a sofa. The point of the chair or sofa in the corner is to you keep off the bed. By doing this your bed will always look tidy.


Create a focus wall and declutter


Paint can enhance the appearance of your bedroom. Give a coat of paint to three of the walls and then paint the fourth wall a darker, more dramatic colour. This will automatically bring glamour into a room. Hang a single portrait on your focus wall to give the wall more appeal.


Hotel rooms always have minimal pieces. This is because a minimalistic approach can speak volumes. It allows for the patron to take in more of the room than focussing on many different elements. Keep the basics in the room such as the sofa, chair and rug. Less is more, so keep trinkets and frames to a minimum.


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