London vs New York:luxury homes in the capital are now selling at twice the price

Londons most luxurious homes now cost twice as much per square foot as New Yorks finest properties, despite the recent slowdown of prices in the capitals prime postcodes.

London vs New York: London millionaires are buying New York property at half the price per square foot theyd pay at home

Homes in Londons exclusive hotspots are typically 1,000 per square foot more expensive than those in the equivalent areas of the Big Apple largely due to the capitals super-prime developments contributing to significant price hikes over the past year.

At 2,194 a square foot, a large family home in Knightsbridge is almost twice as expensive as homes on the Upper East Side (South) in Manhattan, while a family home in Belgravia averages 2,031 a square foot, compared to 826 on the Upper West Side.

25 million: a freehold 7,236sq ft detached villa in the Holland Park conservation area, W14, with eight bedrooms and a swimming pool.

12 million ($18,052,000): an 8,000sq ft six-bedroom townhouse, steps from New Yorks Central Park