Life is a Beach Why not Plan a Beach Vacation?

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Life is a beach. Sometimes you get wet and sometimes you get burned, but you pretty much always end up with sand in your shoes.

Are you planning a beach vacation? Some people can spend all day everyday at the beach. They wind up glowing with bronze rejuvenation. Others fall asleep in the sand and wake up looking like lobsters. Regardless of which describes you, pack and use plenty of sunscreen.

Because the beach is about more than swimming and sun, you should check the latest fashions to see if you need new swimwear. Maybe you need to skip a few desserts and visit the gym before you see the shore. Remember, they are looking at you just as much as you are looking at them. Are they smiling, or are they laughing?

Now, to decide your destination. Do you want to go where the multitudes are? Do you want to step over the blanket of bronze bodies as you stroll the shore, searching for a spot to spread your blanket?

Or are you seeking a secluded getaway beach vacation, swimwear optional? I guess the answer to this question depends on who you are going with. If you are going to the beach with a group of friends, you may want to hit a populated party beach, like Daytona, for instance. But if you are vacationing with a significant other, you may prefer a more quiet setting, such as Floridas Forgotten Coast.

If life is a beach, and you can only dream of such exotic beaches, buy a kiddie pool and a sandbox, and make your backyard your own private beach. But, please on behalf of your neighbors, keep the swimwear on!