Last minute gift ideas

While you’re at the airport you realise you promised everyone back home you would get them gifts. The aeroplane peanuts for your little nephew doesn’t count. Now the hunt is on to get something like duty free jewellery, a dress-up doll or a cool looking souvenir. After all, a last minute gift does not mean that it can’t be thoughtful.

For your mom

If all else fails go for candy. Toblerone has never failed to be a sweet-treat gift. Get a pretty gift bag to put it in and there you have it! Simple, yet effective. For an extra sweet touch, you can buy a card and write a sweet message on the inside. Nothing says thoughtful than a sweet handwritten message.

For your significant other

Jump on the bling wagon and get your loved one something sparkly. No matter what the occasion, nothing quite says I missed you, like duty free jewellery. They will always remember your special trip away with any beautiful gift you come home with. It is only up to you to make that special impact.

For your niece or nephew

Buy comically large candy for them. The over sized candy treats will put a broad smile on their face and what is a better way to say I love you in the size of a big, delicious treat. Kids love candy and when they see the size of their gigantic candy, they will love it even more.

For teens

Teenagers love gadgets. Get them trendy looking earphones or even a handy travel charger cord for those on the go moments. They will appreciate the thought because earphones always get lost or broken and as for a travel charger cord – who can go wrong with having something handy like that around? Teens are always listening to music or on the go somewhere to this place and that place, they will need a portable charger at all times. This is not only a fantastic gift, but also a very practical one that will certainly be used every so often.

For your dad

Depending on the type of man he is, you will know exactly what kind of reading material he would like to have. Grab him a good book that he will enjoy as a good afternoon read or for those days where he feels like he just wants to read anything besides the morning paper.


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