Kids Locations in Europe

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Apart from Euro Disney and grasping at straws to come up with fresh ideas to not take your wee ones to the Louvre or the Champs Ellysesagain!if your kids are into sports, try a soccer vacation for them. Sports International sponsors a European trip in from Russia to Spain, since most of that geographic region loves soccer to the level of fanaticism.

If soccers not your kids thing, the family can design their specific travel plans around a kids holiday. Say youre visiting London and your childs a fan of Sherlock Holmes. While the address of 12 1/2 Sterling is fictitious, 10 Dowling Street isntand thats the location of Scotland Yard, who Sir Arthur Conan Doyles detective worked with all the time to solve Londons most notable crimes.

Many travel locations are more family friendly, but its really up to the travelers to make sure the kids have a fabulous time. Depending on the age and maturity levels of ones child, colorful balloons, bright signage and a happy clown goes only so far. If a child traveling with family is over 14 and younger than 18, they can go sightseeing on their own, especially if castles or seeing where it all began for the Beatles is more interesting than another open air caf with Mom, Dad and stinky little brother.

Another way to entertain the kids in the seven to twelve year old group: visit a planetarium. Seeing the night sky from another place on the planetespecially if that place happens to be in Australia where one can see the star Alpha Centauriis always a great kick and could spark a natural curiosity in the age old wonderings of astronomy.