Is All-Inclusive All Its Cracked Up to Be?

Everyone needs a good vacation now and again, but the frugal-minded often tense up when the words all-inclusive enter the conversation. For many, that phrase conjures images of overindulgence. Most people assume that all-inclusive is just a fancy way of saying far too expensive. However, further research suggests that splurging on a trip to an all-inclusive resort might actually be less of a splurge than you think. Consumer travel expert Chris McGinnis notes that all-inclusive resorts require a specific pre-payment, which makes them perfect for people looking to align their budget with the service cost.

And from a psychological perspective, an all-inclusive vacation is potentially more relaxing than one might first assume. Researchers suggest that vacationers find it harder to enjoy themselves when they have to pay separately for every purchase. After all, its hard not to focus on how much money youre spending when youre whipping out your wallet for every tiny service charge or souvenir. With an all-inclusive resort vacation, customers pay the one charge and then they dont have to think about money again for the rest of the trip. Easing that financial tension can go a long way towards reducing your stress levels, and isnt stress-relief an essential component of any successful vacation?

Still, McGinnis warns that few all-inclusive deals really include EVERY single detail, so if youre interested in paying for such a deal, make sure youre familiar with whats included and whats not before making your purchase. Also, indulging in an all-inclusive deal can inhibit some of the impulsiveness and spontaneity from your vacation. If youre more of an adventurous type, and you prefer to do things independently (cook, hike, explore, etc.), than all-inclusive is probably not the best way to go. However, if youre looking for a safe, secure, and predictable escape into luxury, investing in an all-inclusive resort vacation is most definitely an option worth considering.