How to pack small for a trip

Whether you’re going away for a few nights or a fortnight, there’s no need to carry much more luggage than what is needed. All you need is bit of planning and few simple storage techniques that you can apply when packing for your trip.

The packing technique

Lay your suitcase flat on its back, and start packing in your shoes at the bottom of the bag, place your socks and undergarments into your shoes for a snuggle fit. Now you have your first layer complete.

Stack rolled items like jeans, sweaters, etc. as tightly as you they’ll go, on top of your shoes. Rolling it up tightly minimizes wasted space and prevents the clothing from coming undone during transit. The second layer should consist of lighter rolled items like t-shirts also tightly packed to prevent unrolling. For fragile items that aren’t being brought as carry-on luggage sets, place them in the center of the bag on top of the rolled layer of clothing to protect the items from breaking.

After the second layer, place your folded items. This will allow easy access to them upon arrival for unfolding and hanging. Put your pj’s on top, it’s the first thing you will want if you arrive at night. You can also place the third set of clothing in a dry cleaner bag to help prevent wrinkling

Any additional lightweight items such as underwear, belts, socks, etc should then be crammed into the available space, like a nook or cranny. Put your toiletry bag on top of the last layer, then simply close the suitcase lid and you’re done.

Plan ahead

Plan and sort out what you’re going to wear for each day that you will be gone, and remember that the clothes you travel in count as one of the outfits. Choose clothing that you can mix and match up, that way it takes up less space in your luggage. Make a list of everything you will take a long on your trip that way you won’t leave anything out. This way you’re keeping track and a level head, take out your list when you leave again, you will then know what to pack back in without missing anything.

Those fragile items

To prevent small bottles of perfume, cologne or creams from leaking, keep them inside a sealed zip-lock freezer bag. If you’re flying, any liquids or gels have to be packed into travel-sized containers and stored within a clear plastic bag stored inside your luggage.

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