How to make solo travel profitable

Everyone dreams of travelling to exotic locations and being paid to celebrate the world’s beauty. Who wouldn’t want that opportunity? Travelling but not having to worry about payment is an incredible opportunity. This dream job is reserved for the precious few. But they had to get there somehow.

You should consider some ways you can get there, too.

Understand social media

The most powerful way so many have managed to earn while travelling has been through social media. For example, there are entire Instagram accounts dedicated to showing off exotic locations.

A good example was the Instagram account by Murad Osmann. A professional photographer, Osmann managed to capture attention by having a smart theme to his pictures.

As Business Insider notes, Osmann didn’t merely take pictures of exotic locations but added an unusual element and consistent theme to them all.

“instead of run-of-the-mill tourist shots, Murad snapped pictures of his girlfriend taking his hand and leading him through some of the world’s most iconic and recognizable landmarks…

“The series is aptly titled, ‘Follow Me’ on Murad’s Instagram account, which has since gone viral with almost 50,000 followers at the time of this post.”

Not everyone will go viral, of course. This however gives you the opportunity to earn attention from those who can pay you.

Earning by writing

If you’re not able to grow your social media account, you can try alternate forms of earning. For example, setting up a blog and writing freelance. This gives you freedom of movement, but provides a steady income when done correctly. It requires a great deal of work to develop the skills necessary and the contacts who can pay you.

Websites can deliver a steady stream of income by virtue of advertising and linking to companies. You can become a brand ambassador, showing off certain merchandise in various areas around the world.

Earning while travelling means you can stay in any kind of hotel, whether it’s by the V&A Waterfront or the outback of Australia.

Teach English

Another simple but popular way to travel and earn is to teach English in foreign countries. Many students opt for this during a gap year or after graduating, to give them a deeper connection to the world.

Further, you’ll be earning a lot of money for fairly easy work. Simply note the best countries that will benefit your currency, in terms of the exchange rate.


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