How to be a considerate passenger while flying

Visiting new, exotic destinations is one of the best parts of life. But the actual traveling to get there can involve some of the most annoying and stressful moments in life. There isn’t much glamourous about air travel.

It is basically flying above the clouds in a crowded, smelly bus filled with people you don’t want to talk to or ever see again. These tips won’t make the trip any shorter but will make it just that little bit more comfortable.


Don’t grab onto the seats as you make your way down the aisles. Every time anyone touches a seat, a mini tornado is created. This is incredibly uncomfortable for the person sitting there. Instead, use the overhead baggage compartments to steady yourself as you walk.


Don’t pull down on the seat in front of you when you get up. This is just as rude as kicking the seat in front of you. Rather, push down on your own armrests.


Don’t make too much noise. The majority of the people around you are trying to sleep, listen to music or watch a movie. All of these need silence. Keep the volume of your own headphones to a minimum. Here’s a tip, if you can hear your music when they are not in your ears, it is too loud. If you have children, make sure to pack sufficient toys and snacks to keep them entertained. Follow the lead of a couple flying with their baby who handed out goodie bags filled with snacks and earplugs to fellow passengers.


Look behind you. Before reclining your seat, make sure to take a look behind you. If you have a 6ft tall basketball player sitting behind you, don’t be inconsiderate. Let the man have his legroom. Also check whether they have their tray table down as moving your seat may jostle their meal. If you take your legroom seriously consider buying a new gadget, the Knee Defender, which prevents the person in front of you from moving the seat. A word of warning though, the use of these gadgets has resulted in at least one fight.


Don’t hog the overhead compartments. Placing too many items in the overhead compartment causes it to fill up quickly. No one else can fit their baggage into the compartments. You’ll also cause a massive queue behind you as you attempt to shove a suitcase and three shopping bags into the tiny space. If you must place everything into the compartment, let those behind you file past before you attempt the Jenga game of packing all of your goodies.


Don’t hog the flight attendant. Everyone else wants a turn with the flight attendant, don’t hog her attention and take too much of her time. Yes, it can be difficult to decide what you would like to drink or which type of duty free perfume to buy, but try to have your decisions made before calling her over.
By following these tips, you’ll have a more pleasant flying experience and will arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready for a wonderful vacation.

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