How to avoid ‘Being THAT guy’ at an International festival

  1. Do your research

It helps to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Most big festivals will have a website or at least a Facebook page to scout out and glean information from. That way you won’t rock up at a week-long festival without a change of clothes or no tooth brush. Festivals are often seen as ‘anything goes’ affairs, but for the most part this is the furthest thing from the truth. Line ups, festival ‘dos and don’ts’ and layouts are all useful tidbits.

  1. Cooperate with the security

This is a biggie. Guys, security is there for a reason. While this may seem hard to believe, they’re there to protect you and to keep things running smoothly. Without them, anarchy would ensue and the festival wouldn’t be much fun. Thinking that you’re above the law at a festival does not make you cool. It makes you a douchebag and nobody likes douches. It’s not as though there’s some sort of security control room where all the security guards get to chill out in. They often work extremely long hours, in difficult conditions for very little reward. The last thing they want is to have to deal with belligerence. And they usually have a good deal of sway in the decision about who stays and who goes.

Some items are banned or restricted at many festivals. Don’t take banned items with you. Seriously, just don’t. You probably think you’ve got your own ‘foolproof’ way of smuggling something in, but most festival security staff have seen it all before. Eventually you’ll get caught. The list of prohibited stuff will probably include: Professional cameras and recording equipment (to prevent bootlegging), flares, fireworks and pyrotechnics, weapons or anything that can be construed as a weapon, glass, illegal drugs of any kind, PA and sound systems, dogs and other animals. If security confiscates anything, they are only doing what they have been directed to do by festival organisers.

  1. Know your limits

Don’t try and do too much at once. That’s a sure fire way to eat up all your energy. Pace yourself, some festivals last longer than 24 hours. The same rule applies to alcohol and drugs. Avoid these at all costs. Even though illegal substances are banned from festival spaces, they always seem to find their way into the grounds and there is no doubt many people will be using something. Know what your limitations are before partaking in anything illegal or otherwise. One of the worst things that can happen to festival goers is a drug overdose or getting totally wasted on alcohol or any combination thereof. Don’t spend the rest of the festival in first aid tent or worse, the hospital. If it is absolutely necessary to partake, try and use some common sense and restraint.

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