Hotel etiquette to live by

While there are many people who complain about hotel services, there are also guests who the hotel staff complain about. Although hotels may not always get it right, most pride themselves on good customer service. The hotel and its staff are there to cater to your every need. As a guest, whether you’re going to a B&B or a fancy hotel near the V&A Waterfront, always be on your best behaviour.


Don’t be dishonest about the amount of people staying in the room


Regardless of the number of people who are with you when checking in, it’s impolite and dishonest to check-in two people, when you secretly have a minivan full of people who’ll share the room with you. Abide by your word. If you tell the front desk two guests will be lodging at the hotel, keep it at two.


Keep an eye on your children


The joys of spending time in a hotel include the experience of lounging by the pool, sleeping in and ordering room service. If you’re lucky, the hotel may offer a daycare service for children. The hotel wants all their guests to experience the same degree of enjoyment. Having your kids disturb the peace is anything but pleasurable for the other patrons of the hotel. Being woken up at 5.30am by screaming kids running down the corridor, playing in the elevator and running around the pool area is disrespectful toward other guests. No one would want to start their day this way.


Leave the room tidy


Every hotel has housekeeping staff, but that doesn’t mean you should exploit their service. Don’t leave dirty socks or underwear lying on the floor. Be courteous by being respectful toward staff and hotel property. Check that your room is tidy before you leave for the day.


Don’t hoard the food


If your hotel offers a wonderful breakfast spread, don’t fill up your pockets with “freefood for later in the afternoon. What’s even worse is stocking up your pockets for the five extra guests you snuck into the hotel room. The basket of apples at the front desk are for hotel guests. The hotel may have plenty in stock, but it’s inappropriate to empty the entire basket into your bag.

Don’t forget, a well-behaved guest is one that is considerate of their fellow patrons and hotel staff.


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