Home for the Holidays – A Survival Guide

Whether you’re a student studying in another city or you moved away for work, coming home again can be a stressful time. Obviously, you’ve missed your family and are looking forward to seeing them again. And the comforts of home are always a big feature. But going from living on your own as an adult (or almost adult) to living under your parents roof can be quite a challenge, even if it’s only for a week or two. There are, however, some tricks to help you get through this vacation home (and even enjoy it).

Bring gifts – Don’t be the family member who returns home with nothing but luggage sets and dirty laundry. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but little gifts with sentimental value will give your family warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s a nice thing to do and they’ll remember it later when they’re about to yell at you.

Give them some attention – Don’t just come home for the holidays to visit old friends and get some much-needed sleep. Spend some time with your family. They’ve missed you and you’ve missed them, so make an effort to do things together. Soon you’ll be away from them again and you’ll regret not spending as much time with them as possible.

Do the little things – The last thing you want is to be told you’re doing nothing around the house and then be forced to prove yourself. So, unpack the dishwasher, water the plants and take out the garbage without being asked. That way you won’t end up having to do any of the big stuff to make up for a previous lack of effort.

Avoid all arguments – If you have siblings then you know that arguments are almost always unavoidable. Joking around in the kitchen can turn into a full-blown fight in the living room in a matter of minutes. Try to avoid this happening as much as possible. If they do something to annoy you, walk away. If they try to start something, walk away. If you want to enjoy your time at home, don’t take the bait. There are many ways to diffuse an argument and calm yourself down. There’s no need to fight.

Look after yourself – Obviously, half the reason you come home is that you don’t have to cook, clean or do your own laundry. But you’re an adult now, so try to act like it. Make your own bed and don’t expect anyone else to clean up after you. And it’s always a good idea to offer to cook once in a while. Even if your culinary skills leave a lot to be desired, there are so many foolproof recipes out there.

So go home and spend some time with your family. Enjoy the comforts of home and sleep late once in a while. But keep the above in mind or you may not survive.


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