Holidaying in Egypt Tips

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Dont break the Sphinxs nose. Kidding. Sorry. On a lighter note, travel lightly. Egypt lies on the continent of Africa and not too far from Israel and Jordanand it gets incredibly hot. Your best wear should be the lightest summer clothes you have, but please keep in mind to have your dress as modest as you know, as many in that region are of Muslim and Buddhist tradition. Three quarter sleeves, tee shirts and gauzy blouses, khaki and loose, light colored capris and walking shorts and sandals are acceptable fashion. In other words, if it covers you more than youre used to, thats what to go with. Evenings call for a light jeans or a longer shirt.

Get your shots. Your doctor knows which ones youll need to be inoculated for, but heres a quick rundown of the ones youre sure to need: typhoid, tetanus, polio and Hepatitis A. Travel to Egypt, these are required. If you burn easily or if you dont, load up on sunscreen. The suns intensity in that region of the world isnt hampered by smog or cloud cover, so its safe to say youre going to need it even if you ordinarily tan.

It helps to know a bit of Arabic, but in most Egyptian tourist spots, English is spoken. Still, it doesnt hurt to extend the courtesy of learning a few phrases in Arabic and to converse with the locals in their native tongue. Just watch the dialect, though. And have fun! This is a grand opportunity to explore the pyramids, the Nile and one of the oldest librarys in the world, located in Alexandria and Cairo. Just have a blast!