Holiday destinations you wouldn’t normally consider

The best places to go on holiday are the ones we always hear about: Tokyo’s bright lights at night, the art scene of New York and the buzz of pubs and clubs in the UK. There is much to see and do all around the world, but those of you who are parents have much more to consider than the average traveller. And then there’s a case of what to do next, where do we go from here that makes every tourist want to lose their mind. For those who simply can’t decide, we’ve compiled a list of unlikely places you need visit.


Zimbabwe is home to the Victoria Falls, which is the most breathtakingly beautiful waterfall you will ever come to experience. And if you’re thinking about accommodation you, visiting the town of Kariba, has much to offer and see. Their wildlife is exceptional and the luxury lodges are something to experience.

Cumbria, England

Have you ever had a horse-drawn caravan holiday? If not, then Wanderlusts in Cumbria is something to behold. It’s every little cowboy’s dream, and if your little one wants to live out his dream then why not? Colourful bow-top caravans, open fires and placid horses will spark the fancy of any visitor. You can visit caves and lakeside saunas, wander down country roads, do a bit of trail hiking in the hills, take a bakery or bushcraft course or simply enjoy the horse rides.


Pack in those luggage sets, but leave some space, because you will be bringing back lots of goodies from your trip to Wales. Anyone interested in medieval architecture will be drawn in by the Caerphilly Castle, in South Wales. But if that’s not the direction where you’re heading then go up North of Whales to the Caernarfon Castle. If you’re with your significant other, the view of the Harlech Castle is truly romantic and shouldn’t be overlooked. The view is sends tingles down your spine for its one of a kind beauty of the see and mountain.

Nessebar, Bulgaria

If you want to go back in time with no time traveling required, then visit the ancient village of Nessebar in Bulgaria. This is loved tourist destination because it takes people back to simpler, yet foreign time that proves to gather much excitement. The locals love the look on faces of tourists as they make their way from a modern world, to a much simplistic, yet humble life. The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast has much to offer and for the eye to behold. The quaint little coffee shops, enchanting restaurants and tasteful souvenir shops are a plus for any visitor from out of town.

The globe is too big to explore every single place, but sourcing out the magnificent ones is only but a dream come true. The best way to live is to experience the glorious cultures and sightseeing our world has to offer.

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