Handy City Information Resources

Image Source: EducationCity

One of the most troublesome things about going to a foreign city is to have reliable information about the place you are going to; especially if it is located at a foreign country.

Thats why it is quite handy to have useful information resources that can provide you with travel information and travel tips.

One of the first sources that need to be considered in travel planning is a travel guide. Within a travel guide you will find everything about a place, from history and geography, to music and culture. It’s the best way to begin your journey.

However, cities and countries change. A travel guide can provide you only with static advice. If a guide is one or two years old, its quite probable that you may find that things weren’t as the guide indicated; especially in developing countries where conditions aren’t as stable as in the first world.

Your next information resource is travel magazines. There you will find the latest news on what is happening around the world. The problem with these magazines, though, is that they may not have information of your destiny; and they are a little expensive. However, they are worth the time and the money.

Documentaries are also an interesting choice. Cable and Satellite TV have brought us several channels with information about different spots in the world. Quite useful if you want to see live action of the city you are going to.

Finally, the greatest product of the information era: the internet. With the internet you will be able to read about anywhere in the world. Some interesting sites to look for are lonelyplanet.com and wikipedia.org. Besides, you can find almost unlimited blogs of people who comment about their trips to different parts of the planet. With so much information, you will be able to prepare yourself for your vacations or business trip.