Guide to Shopping Trips in Dublin

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Shopping in Dublins city centre is easy to fit in your vacation since most of the shopping areas are clustered within a 20 minute walk of each other, close to the River Liffey. From the city centre, the main shopping areas are broken into the northside and southside of Dublin. Use a city map to make your plans and get around easily.

The main shopping areas in Dublin are on Grafton Street/Stephens Green which is in the southern part of the city and Henry Street which is in the northern part or the city. While these streets are the main shopping areas, most of the other known stores surround these two streets.

Grafton Street is the trendier of the two shopping areas with the jeweler, Weirs, and fashionable stores like Brown Thomas BT2. The street is solely for pedestrians. Side streets offer high-end shops, pubs and restaurants. St. Stephens Green and Stephens Green Shopping Centre are connected to Grafton Street.

Henry Street offers more of the everyday shopping such as the department store Arnotts along with clothing and footwear stores. In addition, there is an outdoor food market on Moore Street (close to Henry Street) that is known for bargains. The market is open Saturday and Sundays only on the weeks until Christmas. On a trip to the market you will see fruits, vegetables and seafood Around Henry street, OConnel Street and Talbot Street are also main shopping areas. OConnell is the main street in the city, but there are not as many shops on the street itself, other than Easons and Clerys.

Additional shopping exists in the suburbs which is also a popular destination for those on vacation. Shops are usually open from 9 AM until 5:30 or 6 PM Monday-Saturday and only some are open on Sundays. Shops stay open late Thursday nights.