Great travel jobs

Image Source: Pinterest

Besides the ARMY, there are plenty of great travel jobs. One of those jobs would be the Coast Guard. They have the satisfaction of seeing all parts of the ocean and America. The Coast Guard doesnt just rescue people whose boats are sinking or people lost at sea, they also help people who are trapped on mountains and in caves. They have a big mission that leads you on all corners of the U.S.

Another great travel job would be a flight attendant. There are times when they only get to see a different part of the world for a few hours, and arent able to go sightseeing, but then there are times when they get to stay in a another country for a night or two. It all depends on the flight times. It is very exciting to be able to travel around the globe from New York to California to Italy! If you really want to see it all, try working for an international airline!

Work on a cruise ship! Who wouldnt want to go to the Caribbean islands every other weekend? Or to Hawaii or Europe? Cruise ships travel to many different places, so it all depends on what cruise line you work on. Massage Therapists work on cruise ships and often get the chance to work on multiple lines, getting to travel all over the world! Chefs also get a chance to work on cruises, creating appetizers and feeding all of the guests. These jobs offer rewarding experiences and pay!