Great Restaurants and Dining Options Near MIT

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (aka MIT) is one of the best schools in Boston (and one of the best in the entire world ). Known for its emphasis on science and engineering, MIT is located just north of Boston proper, in the city of Cambridge.

Whether youre a new student at MIT, planning a campus visit, or just looking for a great spot to grab a meal in Cambridge, the following restaurants and dining options are all located within a reasonable distance from the MIT campus.

Emmas Pizza

In business since the 60s, Emmas is beloved because of the texture of their thin crust. While they also offer salads and sandwiches, the real star here is the pizza.

Unusual toppings include Red Bliss potatoes, thyme-roasted mushrooms, and dried cranberries. The perfect compromise restaurant for a party that includes both carnivores and vegetarians, Emmas also serves up tasty guac and a stunning antipasto platter. Do note that the dining room is a bit on the small side.

Clover Food Lab

With multiple locations around Cambridge and Boston, Clover Food Lab is a group of food trucks and restaurants renowned for their screamingly fresh food. Nothing is ever frozen, and the menu is constantly changing.

Finding a good place for breakfast or lunch can be tricky, but Clover has a number of great options. Classic Clover items include cinnamon lemonade and Venezuelan-style potato salad. Their homemade hot sauce is out of this world. Eclectic and fresh are the cuisine buzzwords here.

The Friendly Toast

The Toast has a sister restaurant in the seaside city of Portsmouth, NH. Both locations have serious panache, and are considered hipster havens in their respective cities. The Cambridge location gets heavy traffic during brunch hours, so get in line early.

Must-try dishes include the chocolate-chip and banana pancakes with peanut butter, as well as Mexican mash with chorizo. The portions are generous, though some people are put off by the service.

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