Great Bed & Breakfast Finds Tips

Image Source: Songbird Echoes

You could go on the referral of a friend to find a quaint B&B, but lets face it: if they have special memories of that place, why would they want to share that special place with others, including you, the BFF? Its a territorial thing, nothing personal, and those memories and private moments from the B&B, well, that locale information will be hoarded fiercely. So, what to do?

Chances are, if its been written about in a travel magazine, blog or mentioned in the dinner party event of the year, its got a beaten path to it alreadyor youre not in the elite circles to know about these cozy tuckaways in the mountains. But, if youre looking for a great bed & breakfast, all you have to do is tune into your local radio travel shows.

Many of these travel shows have information about bed and breakfastsB&Bsthe travel magazines either dont know about, havent updated or are outdated, since travel shows tend to air more often than these magazines publish. Go on their recommendations or on their websites to find these places of solitude.

Another way to find these great places: any citys local Chambers of Commerce should have that B&Bs listing. An overlooked place to find a great B&B is from wedding planners as well. Since they have to know everything from bridal colors to the sunset events of the final day of the newlyweds honeymoon, theyre sure to know of a great cozy getaway for two.

And, a final place to check out for B&Bs: historic sites, especially the ones pertaining to major historic events (The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, for example) that easily hold a romanticized element in it. Many former war homes are converted to B&Bs/museums and make great tourist stays for couples, families and groups.