Good Pubs in Amsterdam

Image Source: Time Out

For an outrageous drinking extravaganza, Amsterdam has it all, and then some! For a small quaint, yet very friendly atmosphere, Caf Belgique is the ideal location for a visit. This small pub comes equip with the classical wooden carved countertops, with glass shelves to hold your beverage of choice, and brass taps at your beckon call.

Caf Belgique
Gravenstraat 2,
1012 NM Amsterdam

The college-going, beer loving crowd may prefer the more modern settings of the Het Schuim. The Het Schuim is in an ideal location, because this place sits across from the local university, making it easy access to and from campus. This pub is modern in style, perfect in relation to the modern styled student, and has a continuous change of scenery. They like to change the paintings that are up on the walls to keep you interested in what is coming next.

Het Schuim
Spuistraat 189,
1012 VN Amsterdam

Caf Gollem is a slightly darker pub because it is out of the sunlight view, but nonetheless this is a beautiful and fun pub to visit in Amsterdam. This adorable little pub has a bar filled with barstools, and a small seating area in the back with patio tables and chairs. As you could have guessed, the dcor is primarily beer oriented.

Caf Gollem
Raamsteeg 4,
1012 VZ Amsterdam

The only pub in Amsterdam that specializes in Dutch beer is the one and only Caf Arendsnest. The retro dcor, in some ways coming straight out of the movies, is creatively accented by the beer memorabilia. The basement of this pub can be utilized by home brewers and beer tasting events. This is a fun pub for all to visit, especially if you want to have a good time.

Caf Arendsnest
Herengracht 90,
1015 BS Amsterdam