Frequent Flyer Miles

Image Source: Lifehacker

If you travel constantly, whether it is for pleasure or for work and want to obtain a few extra perks that wont hurt your wallet, check out these handy tips on how to upgrade and make your stay that much more pleasurable and memorable.

To begin, the <em> Today Show </em> recommends that you pick your frequent flier program carefully. While it may be tempting to choose the one closest to you, look for an airline thats nowhere near where you live so you wont be competing with your fellow residents. If you pick an airline that has its headquarters in another state, there will be less competition and therefore youll be more likely to get the upgrade.

<em> USA Today </em> also writes that you should review your airlines policies before you take your trip, so make sure that your ticket is eligible for whatever upgrade youd prefer. Also be sure to educate yourself on what the best method for getting an upgrade isthey recommend reading the website <em> FrequentFlier </em> for tips. Remember, when in doubt, simply ask the customer service staff and theyll be able to answer any and all questions that you have.

When it comes to hotels, they also recommend that you check in later on in the day, as it means more availability in the upgrade inventory and youll have a better chance of getting a nicer room. Also, pick a new hotel or a larger hotel because not only do they have more rooms to spare in their inventory, they also thrive on word of mouth promotion. The hotels know that if they give their guests an upgrade, said guests would be more likely to returnand tell their friends too!

If you want to save a bit of money, go online and hit Google! The <em> Today Show </em> informed its viewers that <em> </em> has over 30,000 items in the freebie section where users can get hotel upgrades, free breakfast, and even spa credits for their trip!

When booking a hotel, do your research and look up which hotels and airlines have a partnership. If you mention that you have an AAA or AARP card, you may also get an upgrade through your membership too. Also, dont neglect your credit card company either! The <em> Today Show </em> mentions that Visa Signature allows its users to have access to over 800 upgrades, so call your credit company to see if they have a program too.

With regards to car rentals, <em> USA Today </em> feels that its best to do some research first. Look into the companys upgrading practices and how much it would cost for fuel. Itd be nice to rent an expensive car, but they are gas-guzzlers and a lower-priced car can still give you the mobility you need at half the cost. Also look into whether or not they have a loyalty program, as this will help you get a leg up over the other customers.

Finally, never forget your manners. Being polite and friendly as you ask them about upgrade availability can go a long way. The hotel staff is usually overworked and if youre polite to them, you might just find yourself on the receiving end of their generosity. Even if it falls through, still remember your manners because they will make a note of it in your systems as whether or not they want you to be remembered as someone to give upgrades to or not.

With these handy tips, youll be able to get some excellent travel perks and have a trip to remember! Happy traveling!