Free Apps All Travelers Need

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Traveling can easily cause headaches and chaos, but planning ahead and staying organized will greatly reduce any stress or anxiety. Before planning that next trip, be sure to download and utilize these valuable apps. Not only will they serve as useful tools for any getaway, but they are available for free!

1) GasBuddy Using your phones GPS, GasBuddy will locate the closest gas stations to your current location and allow you to compare prices for the fastest and cheapest tank fill up. For those interested in helping others find the best prices, this app offers you the chance to report prices as well, for a chance to earn points towards a special prize give-away.

2) SitOrSquat The perfect app for traveling, especially long car road trips, SitorSquat was created by Charmin to offer an easy way to find clean, public restrooms. This app allows the user to search by location and find bathrooms that are sits, as opposed to poorly rated bathrooms or squats. The apps filter feature even offers the opportunity to look for restrooms with baby changing tables, handicap access, family restrooms and even those which offer tampon-vending machines.

3) Tripomatic With over 40,000 attractions and more than 300 destinations around the world, Tripomatic is the ultimate way to plan any trip. Tripomatic allows the user to create an itinerary with daily attractions, popular destinations, directions and built-in offline maps based on Open Street Map, styled for city walks and displayed in retina quality.

4) GateGuru This handy app for air travel offers several features, including the JourneyCard, AirportCard, Rental Car feature, Amenity List and Travel Stats. With JourneyCard, you can preview a detailed itinerary of your trip including flight delays, gate changes, layover time adjustments and even security wait times. AirportCard displays all the information any customer wants to know about a particular airport, including amenity information, priceless time-saving maps of the airport, weather forecasts, and much more. The rental car feature, as it sounds, is a quick way to reserve a rental car at the lowest price. The Amenity List View does more than just list the available coffee shops and restaurants located somewhere in the airport. It automatically personalizes available amenities based on your flights arrival and departure terminals. Travel Stats is an extra tool that tracks miles flown, airports used and even compares your stats to other users.

5) Expedia For those familiar with the well-known website, the Expedia app allows users to search and book flights and hotels in advance, or at the last minute, directly from their phone. The app offers up to 40 percent off on hotels with special mobile-exclusive deals.

6) This app offers all the travel information a visitor could want with the ability to use it offline, eliminating any concern of mobile charges. Users can create their own personalized travel guides and even share and receive suggestions from friends.

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