Four Bucket List Spring Destinations

Image Source: Pinterest

With this long winter season finally drawing to a close, vacation season is officially upon us. Why not take a week away from work or school to enjoy a nice sojourn away from home? Better yet, why not splurge on one of these four incredibly breathtaking foreign destinations? After all, theres nothing like an unforgettable trip abroad to stretch the legs and spruce up the spirit. Here are a few spring suggestions to add to your world travel bucket list:

1. The Taktsang Monastery in Bhutan.
Perhaps the most famous buddhist monastery in the nation, this Dzong sits on the side of a cliff face high in the Paro valley. The structure was built in 1692, and after more than three centuries its exquisite beauty is even more impressive. Although the monastery is very famous, it is also notoriously difficult to get to; one of the most popular access routes is known as the Hundred Thousand Fairies, due to the mystical atmosphere of the surrounding area.

2. The Moai Ruins of Easter Island off the coast of Chile.
The charm of this mysterious Polynesian island comes from its stunning remoteness. The familiar moai stone heads crafted by the Rapa Nui people are among the more impressive and mysterious ruins on the planet, and yet the island doesnt draw anywhere near as much tourist traffic as similarly well-known sites like Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A non-stop flight from Santiago is both quick and cheap, so if youre traveling through Chile, this is a slam dunk sight-seeing opportunity.

3. The Milford Track in New Zealand.
This popular 33-mile hiking trail through southern New Zealand provides travelers direct access to some of the most gorgeous and diverse scenery youll ever lay eyes on. Starting at beautiful Lake Te Anau, the trail weaves and winds through mountains and wetlands and valleys and rain forests, ultimately ending at Milford Sound, one of the worlds most renowned natural tourist destinations. For the nature lover, this trip is truly a dream come true.

4. The Lakes of Killarney in Southwest Ireland.
These three lakes in County Kerry are geographically spectacular, and provide a great jumping off point for anyone looking to take in the magnificent Irish landscape. The lakes themselves are great for trout fishing, and the surrounding area of Killarney National Park is a fantastic place to explore in itself, with historic sites like Muckross Abbey and Ross Castle dotting the area.