Five Weird Things You Should Always Bring on a Trip

Toothpaste, clean underwear, a bathing suit: these are all pretty normal things to pack when youre going on a trip. But there are some other items you should always pack on a trip. These items all sound a bit weird or goofy, but they can be a big help on your next travel excursion.

1. A Pashmina

These broad scarves were all the rage with fashionistas a few years ago, but there are better reasons than fashion to bring one with you on a trip. A pashmina has 1,001 uses for travelers, from acting as a coverup at the beach to being rolled up and used as a pillow on your flight. A pashmina can also work as a sling if you injure your arm, or you can fill it with ice and use it as an icepack.

2. A bag of hard candies

You might have an incurable sweet tooth, but there are plenty of other reasons to bring a bag of hard candies with you on a trip. They can do double duty as throat lozenges or cough drops if youre feeling under the weather. In addition, they can boost blood sugar: perfect if youre traveling with a diabetic.

3. Surgical masks

Lets be honest: if you wear a surgical mask in public, you look like a creep. Chances are, if you wear a surgical mask, people will assume youre sick not that youre trying to avoid getting sick. Despite the fact youll look like a weirdo, wearing a surgical mask is a good way to ward off the germs from other travelers.

4. TuGo

TuGo is a clever little device that acts as a cupholder for people on the go. The cradle sits between the upright handles on your rolling luggage, and has a gyroscope in it that keeps your cup of coffee from spilling. It keeps you caffeinated and gives you a free hand: its a little weird, but worth it!

5. A maxi pad

Besides their obvious, intended usage, a maxi pad is actually a smart thing for both men and women to pack. They are a good thing to add to a first-aid kit, in the event that your trip involves camping or hiking and you cut yourself badly. In a pinch, they can also work as shoe insoles, or as a tool to clean up spills in your hotel room before they leave a stain. The sticky side can also be used to pick up broken glass without endangering your fingers. In addition, you can use them to wrap fragile souvenirs securely before packing them in your suitcase.