Five Tourist Destinations You May Want to Avoid

In todays globalized society, a traveler is free to roam to any corner of the world they choose. Every city is accessible given enough time to get there; no place is too remote for a tourist. However, there are still a number of cities out there that tourists would be better off avoiding. Whether theyre overly stuffed with fellow tourists, over-hyped by unrealistic media portrayals, or simply way too dangerous for casual travelers to visit in the first place, these cities are basically no-nos for your average adventure-seeker. Keep in mind these are only suggestions; were not telling you that theres nothing valuable to be gained from visiting these places. Were just saying that if you wind up in one of these cities and have a terrible time, dont say we didnt warn you.

1. Rome – This historic world capital is a perennially popular tourist destination, but travelers beware: the throngs of foreign visitors have transformed this city into something of a nightmare. Suffocating crowds, bogus tours, and armies of scammers are just a few of the difficulties youll encounter if you choose to go exploring in the Eternal City.

2. Kingston – Although most of the Jamaican coast is ideal for visitors seeking an exotic and luxurious getaway, Kingston is a city that tourists would be better off skipping. Luxurious is the last word one should use to describe the nations capital and largest city, particularly Trench Town, one of the most notoriously dangerous ghettos in the world. Foreigners are unwelcome here by many of the citys denizens, so if you choose to venture here, remain alert and secure.

3. Rio de Janeiro – Rio is home to some of South Americas finest beaches and plenty of culture to boot, but the city can still be very hostile towards tourists. Travelers should steer clear of the favelas, which are generally run by cocaine traffickers and where violence is more likely to occur. A phenomenon known as slum tourism, where travelers tour the most impoverished sections of various countries and cultures, has grown popular in recent years, but given the ethical ambiguity of the whole situation, wed advise you to simply avoid these areas.

4. Cancun – Located on the northeast coast of the typically traveler-friendly Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is widely popular due to its beaches, but like many other world-famous coastal areas, the shore is jam-packed with tourists. For similarly striking beaches (and w/o the crowds), try visiting nearby Playa del Carmen or Tulum. The Mayan ruins in Xcaret are also worth a journey.

5. Cairo – The Pyramids of Giza get close to 5,000 visitors a day, and walking in the desert with that many people under the hot sun can quickly turn fairly unpleasant, if you can imagine. To avoid the majority of the crowd, you might consider traveling a little farther south to the city of Saqqara, where the Step Pyramid of Djoser is located. Otherwise, try visiting the church of St. George the Martyr or the Al Qahira Fatimia Mosques in the city proper.