Essentials you’ll need when travelling with kids

Travelling with your children can be a wonderful family bonding experience at best. At worst it is an exhausting minefield littered with the deep regret of everything which could go wrong, going wrong.

Young children can be unpredictable and demanding. You’re not quite sure what they will want and need at any given moment. You’re not entirely sure how they’ll react to different environments and circumstances.

It is important you try to preempt every possible eventuality so you’ll never be caught short. These are some tips to help you through these tricky moments.


Enough space

It may be tempting, and kind on the wallet, to book that one motel room. But with multiple adults and several children, you may just find yourself tearing out your hair and stepping onto the balcony every five minutes just for that little bit of additional space. It has become increasingly popular for families to book suites, houses or apartments when travelling. This gives you plenty of space to spread out and allows you the luxury of your own kitchen for preparing meals. Whether you’re staying at a hotel in Green Point or an apartment in Paris, you’ll appreciate having enough space for your entire family to relax in peace.


Books and toys to keep them entertained

An important factor to keep in mind while travelling is to ensure your children are surrounded by some of their own possessions. They’ll be comforted by the sight of their favorite books and toys. And you’ll need those comforts of home to keep your children settled, calm and quiet during long stretches of travel. There’s not much worse than being the frazzled parent of screaming children on a long flight. Except perhaps being the frustrated passenger seated next to the kicking, shouting child.


Spare clothes

It is no secret that children are messy. They tend to spill everything they eat and drink on both themselves and everyone around them.These can be minor messes which can easily be wiped away. Or they can be the types of creative craziness which only Picasso could appreciate. Make sure to pack plenty of spare clothes – for yourself and your little bundle of joy – to ensure you’re not walking around with breakfast, lunch and dinner down your front.



Children always seem to be hungry. It is important you carry a range of snacks with you that they enjoy eating. Having healthy snacks close at hand like crackers, cheese, nuts and fruit will ensure you won’t have to buy something unhealthy from a vending machine. Your children also won’t be tempted by the array of unhealthy snacks like crisps or chocolate at the shops and markets you’ll pass along your travels.


By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be ensuring a calm and relatively stress free holiday. The reality is that there will likely be tough moments when travelling with children. But if you follow these easy tips and tricks, you’ll be keeping them to a minimum.


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