Essentials To Pay With Kids On Holidays

Image Source: Oh So Amelia

Regarding pay that comes in several forms. Youve made the list, checked it thrice and still missed something along the way. A sip cup, a Binky, or a lost shoe while your sons snoozing in the stroller. No worries. Extras will happen and thats where budgeting extra moneyand time, remember?—come into play. Maybe youve packed one less pack of diapers and while on the gondola, your infant son goes through the last of the last. To the nearest store Daddy goes to get the right sized pack of diapers.

Another plan for essentials: when the kids get the gimmes! and the I wannas! while on your holiday. Daddy, gimme this! Mommy, I wanna have that! Okay. No worries, this is budgeted, right? You planned for this, right? So, they get their gimme and their wanna essential. Other essentials: whatever they can get from Europe they cant get back home. This could be a CD, an MP3 case, a cell phone cover, a poster, a tee shirt, a perfume or a pair of sneakers.

Heres a thought: What if they ask for something totally out of your budget, like a food item they know they cant get back home? Hmmm. You could share the entre or dessertor simply say No. Now, if theyre older and saved their own money for the trip, sure, theyre free to purchase whichever they wish. But, if theyre younger and have a fit of the I wannas, it might be time to veto that request in a firm and loving manner.