Essential hiking equipment

Image Source: Hiking Dude

If you are going on a multi-day hiking trip then you should consider getting a tent. Preferably one that keeps bugs out and that wont get blown away by gusts of wind. Instead of getting a sleeping bag, an air mattress might be a lot more comfortable. A sleeping bag gets points for being a bed and a blanket, so in this case you would have one less thing to carry. Air mattresses can cost anywhere from $20 to $100. Good quality tents can be costly, ranging from $350 to $800 and sleeping bags cost around $100-$300.

You dont want to go hiking in sneakers, heels or a dress. Hiking boots is the best way to go and if you can find some with steel toe that would be excellent. If youre going hiking during the winter, you would be very well off with a coast that is made light, but keeps you warm. If its going to be really windy, pick up some goggles and a wind breaker. During the summer, you will most likely wear short sleeves and shorts, so bug repellent would definitely be a good idea.

Back packs are the most important part of a hiking trip. Without it you will most likely have left everything behind. It wouldnt way you down too much to bring along some personal hygiene products as well. Make sure the back pack you purchase has a place to hold food and water. You shouldnt bring too much food since youre doing a lot of activity. Energy and nutritional bars would be best. The worst thing would be if you got a cramp in the middle of your hike. Cant forget to protect yourself from the suns UV rays, sun block is always a must.

You can never go wrong with a compass and sunglasses. If youre going to be traveling during the night, have a lantern or flashlight and if youre going up steep hills, a trekking pole would do you justice. To be on the safe side, if youre going to be hiking in weather that could become hazardous, GPS units would be very smart. Hiking in the woods you could come across a bear, so guess what? They now offer bear protection. Thats right. Theres bear spray, counter assault chest holster, bear resistant containers, etc. You can never be too prepared when going on a hiking trip.