Essential golf travel gear

Image Source: Titleist

Whether youre traveling across the globe or across town to go golfing, there are a few things you should think about taking. It doesnt matter if you packing light or heavy, bags are always essential travels of all distances. An example would be the Comrade Golf Travel Bag with wheels. Its made of nylon and very durable, which is something you would want to invest in. It has riveted handles for extra strength heavy duty skid rails for curbs. The prices for a bag like this is anywhere from $59.99-$169.99, and thats for ones of good quality. There are also bags for your golf balls and golf shoes that you should definitely take a look at.

Another good thing that would come in handy would be golf head covers. Most likely you want to keep your golf clubs looking like new, so this would definitely do that for you. The covers have durable heavy duty zippers and come in sets of 3 and 5. There are different designs, so you can have it match the rest of your gear. The price ranges from $20-$25, but you can probably find some cheaper.

Say youre enroute to your destination or youre already on the course, and you and your group are thirsty. The club is far behind you and no one wanted to carry the cooler, but you, being the savvy person you are, have a golf bag cooler that you knew would come in handy at a time like this. This bag is very transportable with its shoulder strap, easy carry handle, and accessible side zippers! It can hold up to 9 beverages and the price is very affordable, starting at $19.99. If youre in a group, you can buy in quantities to get a great deal in savings.