Escorted Tours Are Great, But

Image Source: Gate 1 Travel

Who wants a know-it-all on a holiday? Some of the things about exploring on a holiday is that you learn these bits and incidentals about the countrys past on your own.Another thing gunky about escorted tours: You seldom dodge the itinerary. If you come across a beautiful Monet or a piece of jewelry youd like to buy in the souvenir shop, you cant get the name of the piece if youre hurried along to see the next thing or hear some next tale behind the sights today.

And theres the displeasure of touring in an escorted visit with someone who has poor hygiene skills, talks the entire time of the sightseeing tour, or the tour guide is hard to understand or talks too much. Its bound to be the most painful 90 minutes to three hours of your life. Thats not to say escorted tours dont have their pluses; they do. You can be the one someone else gets to complain about when the tours concludedespecially if your baby is the one being a nuisance (though theyre too little and helpless to know theyre doing just that). And, you do get to learn important history on a sight you didnt know or couldnt find on your own. And sometimes these tours do offer lunch, souvenir, bathroom and stretch-your-legs breaks.

For the most part, it depends on you and your inclinations. If the escorted tours are in the cards and the temperamentfor you, have a ball. On the other hand, if exploring and ready to learn a surprise is in your mind, thats the route to go. Either way, having a great time is the aim. Just keep reminding yourself that when a cranky two year old clearly needing a nap isnt ashamed in letting the other tourers know all about it through her endless screeches.