Easter breaks in Austria

Image Source: Crystal Ski

Taking a trip to Austria in Eastern is very common, so they offer many great packages for families. They have ski packages for the Alps, a favorite, offering plenty of sunshine and snowy slopes. You can take a tour through the dazzling lakes and mountains of the Salzkammergut, then a visit to St. Wolfgang, famous for its White Horse Inn St. Gillen. In St. Gillen, you have the choice of taking a cable car up to the highest point of the mountain and also to Monsee, where you can visit the church that starred in the film Barron von Trapp.

You can even visit the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg. It has beautiful sights from the outline of beautiful buildings to the Hohensalzburg Castle that stands 400 ft above the town. Mozarts home is still standing today and can be seen by anyone who visits. The town has elegant shops, fountains and the Glockenspiel clock.

Berchtesgaden drives a wedge in the Austrian territory being that its located in the south eastern corner of Bavaria. It is one of the best known tourist towns, surrounded by Alpine peaks, attracting many skiers during the winter. The miraculous landscape served as a background scene in the movie The Sound of Music.

Rattenberg, one of the prettiest towns in Tyrol, with its Medieval houses lining the main street. With a population of 600, it is the smallest, but it played an important role in the Tyrolean history. Austria is a picturesque paradise during the Easter Holiday as well as through out the year.