Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite on Your Next Trip Heres How to Check for Them

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One of the best traveling tips that you should remember is how to check for bed begs when staying in a hotel room. There have been recent stories about people staying in lodging facilities during their vacation and coming home with bed bugs because the place where they stayed simply wasnt as sanitary as it could have been. Dont let the bed bugs bite on your next vacation use these traveling tips to check for them and avoid them at all costs.

Pack Accordingly

When you are going to stay in a hotel, have an overnight bag of stuff that can only be washed in hot water. Heat is the enemy to the bed bug. So in case you happen to pick one up while you are away, washing the clothes in hot water should prevent an infestation in your own home when you get back.

Bring a Flashlight

Before you bring anything into a hotel room, one of the ways that you can make sure you dont let the bed bugs bite is by inspecting the area with a flashlight. Look in the small corners and around the bed for anything that looks like fecal matter, eggs, and spots of blood or other things that dont seem normal. Of course, dead bed bugs would also be a tip off that you could be facing an infestation. If you see anything like that, cancel your room and go somewhere else.

These are only two travel tips, but they are very important ones when it comes to avoiding bed bugs. Make sure you are diligent or else you could have a bed bug infestation of your own when you return from your vacation.