Do Good Cruise Ships Exist? The Best And Worst

Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for aboard a cruise ship, your opinion of what makes a cruise ship good or bad can differ quite a bit from the next person. Some cruise ships have successfully been able to encompass all types of experiences all on one ship to cater to almost every type of person out there. At the same time there are still some very specialized cruise ships which cater to people looking for a not so ordinary experience, such as clothing optional cruises. It all really just depends on what you are looking for and what you are into.

According to Frommers Travel Guide Online, the best of the best cruise ships are the Royal Caribbean sister ships the Oasis Of The Seas and the Allure Of The Seas. These two mega ships are referred to as cities at sea because of their gigantic size. They are considered to be top of the line because they are able to successfully cater to almost every type of vacation experience people are looking for, which makes them extremely sought after. Whether it be a quiet and serene vacation or a wild and crazy party you are looking for, these mega ships have it all. They even have outdoor parks complete with real foliage.

As far as cruise ships to stay away from go, there have recently been a couple of different cruise ship disasters with Carnival cruise lines, which makes them seem like the least desirable cruise ship option out there at the moment. The Costa Concordia, which is controlled by a sub company of Carnival, sunk at the hands of a distracted ship captain, and the Carnival ship Triumph broke down in the middle of the ocean, leaving passengers stranded for five days in relatively undesirable conditions. This doesnt mean Carnival wont bounce back, but it certainly doesnt reflect well on the company in the publics eye at the moment.

Good cruise ships really do exist. It just comes down to personal preference of what really makes a good cruise ship good. Royal Caribbean really seems to have the upper hand by demonstrating their capabilities of being able to cater to almost every type of vacation experience, making them a more desirable option for being good cruise ships.