Chase your Dreams Around the World

Life is full of milestones society expects you to reach. You have to study, then find a job, then marry and have a family, while buying a house somewhere in-between. This is all good and well if that’s the life you imagine for yourself, but for some people this life just does not sit well.

These people mostly have one thing in common – they crave freedom and control over their time. They don’t want to be dictated to by a clock. More often than not, this cut of the population can also regularly be found in countries and on continents that are not their own.

Perhaps you’re reading this right now, sitting in your office chair, but dreaming about taking off to a faraway place. Perhaps even forever. But you have no idea of how to make it happen. Can it even happen?

The ones who’ve made it happen

Clive and Jane Green from the UK went on a week-long sailing trip to Spain in 1998 and only returned home 16 years later. They sold their house four years into the trip and bought two smaller properties to let, using the rental income to help fund their trip. Still, they had to live off US$130 a week, but managed to do it and made wonderful memories along the way.

Someone else who took to the ocean longer than planned, was Annie and her daughter Emily. Annie’s original plan was to sail around Central America with friends for a year, but the mother and daughter duo was away from their home for four years.

Other examples of people that have made travelling their living are Liz Carlson, who’s visited more than 40 countriesKatie Aune, who left Chicago to travel all 15 former Soviet republics, and Kim Dinan and her husband, who sold all their possessions and started travelling the world in 2012.

These are all ordinary people who made their dreams of ruling every minute of their day a reality. If they can do it, so can you.

Practical advice to reach your dream

No dream is realised in one step or without a little bit of effort. Betsy and Warren Talbot, another world-travelling couple, told their story to Forbes and shared practical tips on how to make dreams come true:

  1. Imagine a day in the life you want to be living. Their reasoning here is that you will be more likely to make things happen once you start thinking about it.
  2. Assess where you are now – financially, physically, logistically, socially and career-wise. You need to know where you are to know how to get where you want to be.
  3. Break down the path to your ideal life into small goals. For instance, if you want to sail the world, you need to enrol for yachtmaster ocean courses first, then safety courses and only much later buy the yacht. Trying to do everything at once is setting yourself up for failure.
  4. Put your new habits in your calendar. Whatever you need to get done, needs to be part of your daily life or it won’t get done.
  5. Remove potential roadblocks, like activities that do not support your goal.
  6. Broadcast your intention to others. This will make your goal more real, make you accountable and hopefully friends and family, once they know what you want, will support you in your mission.
  7. Find like-minded people to support and inspire you. Friends and family might think you’re crazy or they might not lend enough support, so surround yourself with people who share your ideals.

Number eight could very well be “Don’t be afraid”, as fear holds back so many people. A fear of the unknown; a fear of failing; a fear of having no financial security. Just do it! Live the life you want to live.


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