Camping tips for Italy

Image Source: Beers and Beans

Camping in Italy can be very rewarding, and surprisingly, it can be very inexpensive. Campsites are privately own, so the prices are different everywhere. Urban campsites tend to be the more expensive than rural areas. You can save a little money by checking around instead of dropping your load at the first place you come to. For instance a campsite in Rome, Camping Roma, costs $22 for a tent for two and $16 in a more rural location like Camping Santa Fortunata near Sorrento.

Other than the prices, which are much lower than in the UK or France, Italy offers top quality campsites. A good idea is to reserve a spot for you before you even get there. Camping Fabulous, also in Rome, offers rates as low as $13.70 and Plus Camping Roma has rates starting at $24.66.

If youre going to be making your own food, you might want to bring, pans, oils, ingredients and such. For fast cooking, you place the pot or pan directly above the heat source, most likely a campfire embedded in the middle of a rock circle, this would be for cooking fish fillets, steaks, and flat meats. Indirect cooking method, having the pot farther away from the fire, would be useful for cooking large cuts of meat and slower cooked meals.

If theres a grill, you would build a fire on one half and place the food on the other side. Dry smoking can be done in a covered grill. The food is placed on a grid above the charcoal while grill is covered with a grid. This will give the food a woody flavor. Water smoking is similar to the dry smoking except that a pan of water or liquid is placed between the coals and the rack holding the food. The food will cook slowly in the steam and smoke.