Camping equipment for your vacation

If you love the outdoors then going camping is where you need to head off to. The mountains are your bed and the stars your headlamp – the beauty of nature’s outdoors have no bounds. But the luxury can soon turn to horror if you don’t have the right tools to round off the camping experience.If you love camping, but hate sleeping in a tent, you can opt for sleeping in your vehicle. There are many camping equipment for bakkies and SUV’s that will make the outdoors as wonderfully blissful as it can be.

A comfortable blow up mattress

You’ve trusted your bakkie to take you to the great outdoors, then you need to trust your bakkie to get you a perfect sleep also, and that can only come from a good mattress. A blow-up mattress will do wonders when put in the bed of the bakkie. You will know for sure that the creepy crawlies are also at bay and far away from your toes. The beds are custom made and designed to fit comfortably in your bakkie, which are much better than sleeping on hard steel.

Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

Mount a roof rack or cargo carrier to your vehicle to allow for extra space in your car’s boot. The roof racks are compatible with specific carrying accessories and the cargo boxes are excellent because they will keep your things dry and secure. All bakkies are great for transportation, but really show their weaknesses when the time comes to pack the boot for your trip. Have a bull bar secured onto your bakkie in case you need to be someone else’s towing serves.

The bakkie tent

The bakkie tent attaches to the canopy of the bakkie, dispersing evenly to the ground. Whether you have a small bakkie, or a massive one, the tent comes in a variety of sizes you can choose from. The summer months can be a scorcher and you’ll need and ARB wing to provide shade.

Trailer hitches

There’s nothing better than taking a bike ride through the woods, but you will need to bolt the bike rack to your vehicle. With a trailer hitch, attaching your bike rack and accessories to your vehicle has never been easier or more secure. The hitches are custom fit for your vehicle and are available in multiple classes to suit your towing needs.


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