Budgeting for a Family Holiday

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Lets face it: When youre a tourist, things will cost more wherever you travel. To offset this, theres a bunch of things a family can do to ensure everyones had a great time without taking out a second mortgage or sacrificing their firstborn to pay for the journey.

Its best to plan in advance. If you know the destination and its peak times of tourism, thats likely when itll be the priciest time to go, too. Try going during the off-season. Itll likely be half price, the hotel staff would love the chance to have guests like you to dote onand the roomsll be the best to select from without the hassle of full rates.

Save more for the budget than you planned, because the exchange rates arent in your favor. As much as youd like to get away from the political rhetoric, what happens in the capitals of the world influences market prices, exchange and market rates. Have you noticed the Europeans flocking to the big cities of America? Thats very easy: The exchange rate for the Euro is a few euros for many USD; contrary to this, you have to save almost three times the amount of USD to get the same you would get for the Euro and what the costs of things are there.

And, many dont budget for this but should: Budget in extra time. You never know when a child will fall ill during the vacation, if you have a dental situation during the vacation, if you lose your cell phone or Blackberry while on holiday. Anything can happen, so its a wise move indeed to plan for emergencies well in advance. And, if they dont happen, terrific. You get in an extra day to return home and adjust from the accompanying jet lag when you get stateside again.