Best Time Of Year For Cheap Travel: How To Book Your Dream Vacation

Plan your vacation in advance and save money. There are several times of year to travel for cheap so that you can get more out of your vacation. Traveling during cheap or dead months can save you enough to take more than one vacation this year. Whether visiting family or laying on the beach, travel smart and book your dream vacation.

If taking a trip is on your To Do list for 2013 follow these tips to save money:

Travel in January.
After the Christmas rush has died down most people are burnt out on travel and choose to stay home. Take advantage of this typically dead season to travel. For example you can travel from New York to Cancun and stay a week at the Hyatt for only $732 per person right now. That same trip in May would cost an average of $1,300 per person. Pack your bags this month and recover from a busy Christmas schedule by drinking a beer on the beach.

Europe in the Fall.
Visiting Europe in the fall, after the kids are back in school, is a cheaper time to travel and it is beautiful. Wine lovers will appreciate visiting Italy during harvest. The hills of Tuscany are full of crush season events, allowing you to taste wine in style and enjoy the excitement of the season. Best of all, flying in October can save you over $200 a person, as compared with flying in June.

Disney in the Spring.
Play hooky and take the kids to Disney World this spring. Traveling before spring break, February 18th through March 23rd, can save you up to 30% at various Disney hotels. If you book on the Disney website, and combine it with park passes, you can stay and play for as little as $67 per person per day. That same trip in July would cost $162 per person. You will save thousands of dollars on your trip by using the Disney specials early spring. The kids might miss school but they wont complain.

Vacations are a great way to build memories and your dream vacation is closer than you think. By simply traveling during off season, and taking advantage of discounts, you can be drinking Cabernet in the hills of Tuscany or screaming on the latest roller coaster without breaking the bank.