Best Safari Holiday Locales

Image Source: Epic Road

Feeling exotic? Most popular safaris are in Africa, but Australia’s gaining in that popularity, too. But lets start with the place where the oft-quoted Dr. Livingston, I presume? line got its genesis: Africa. Kenya & Tanzania are very popular safari getaways. Theres cheetah safaris in the Kenyan parks, game reserve safaris in northern Africa, and 2 week long tembo (elephant) safaris in Kenya.

The best locations, though, depend on what one is game for and how adventurous one feels up to. If you havent safaried before, some are better off for three day junkets to expose themselves to the safari life. The more daring, adventurous, stronger of temperament or confident in the safari unknown can go for seven, eleven or fourteen day excursions.

The well-known safari excursions come recommended. Others whove adventured in that part of the world before you can easily give you the panoramic viewpoints of what to expect, whats expected of you, what to do and how to handle yourself if big game or a big cat approaches you or the vehicle.

And, the best locations for safaris are well controlled in the sense that the countrys government knows of the operations daily doings. Since parts of Africa are experiencing ongoing political and cultural crises, these dont serve as the best places for safari vacations. Or, in the African nations that have these excursions in their location, the safaris are well back in the brush of the country and far away enough from the tangles to give the tourists a great time and many pictures to return home.

Australian outback safaris include Kimberley and Top End, NSW (New South Wales) and Victoria and The Barrier Reef and Rain forest With the recent death of the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Australian safaris have increased in popularity.