Best Honeymoon Destinations 2012

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As couples plan their weddings, many are fortunate enough to also plan for a honeymoon. Some go for the exciting and entertaining bright lights, while others seek a quiet intimate location. Some feel busy places with lots of fun things to do make for the best honeymoon. Other newlyweds would prefer a quaint New England bed & breakfast. Realistically, the most important factor in a great honeymoon location is a nice hotel room. That is likely where the couple will be spending most of the time. Some hotels specialize in honeymoons. Their suites have intimate amenities to make a memorable honeymoon.

So make sure, while youre perusing this list of the best honeymoon destinations 2012 , that you check out their honeymoon lodging amenities.

  • Hawaii – Is it really necessary to enumerate the wonders of this pearl of the Pacific? The Hawaiian Islands have so much to offer honeymooners, its no wonder it holds the number 1 spot on several lists of best honeymoon destinations. It is costly though.
  • The Poconos – This beautiful mountainous region in northeastern Pennsylvania proudly wears the title The honeymoon capitol of the world! Several resorts have suites specifically for honeymooners, with amenities such as in-ground pools (in your hotel room!), a champagne glass-shaped whirlpool made for two, breakfast served in bed, and a lot more. There are concerts and other live entertainment opportunities. And perhaps best of all, there are several all-inclusive honeymoon packages offered.
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand- No beaches here. But there are unique opportunities you wouldnt find anywhere else. There is elephant training, traditional Thai cooking classes, hill tribe treks, quad biking, and many other cultural charms.
  • Bali, Indonesia- This beautiful island is off the standard tourist trail, and you can rent a 5-star luxury villa, complete with staff to serve you, for a lot less than just about anywhere else.
  • Costa Rica- Of course there are the incredible tropical beaches with swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. But you could take a break from the shore and swing through the jungle on one of several zip line courses.
  • Croatia – Incredible beauty and history is affordable in one of the distinctive coastal European cities. There are miles of uncrowded (and in some cases, uninhabited) beaches, and you can dine in rooftop balcony restaurant, or tour a castle.
  • Borocay in the Philippines- Clear, warm waters and the cosmopolitan night life are calling to you. White powdery beaches abound.

These are just a few suggestions for the best honeymoon destinations 2012 .
Any one of these locations can provide newlyweds with a memorable honeymoon. But really, who would forget their honeymoon? The getaway can be exciting and romantic; however, it is important to not begin a marriage deep in debt. If you can afford it, a honeymoon is wonderful. But its just a beginning. Dont let the beginning damage the relationship. Hence, there is one more destination to add to the list:

Of all the best honeymoon destinations 2012, the very best destination is a happy and stable lifelong marriage.