Best hiking trails in Canada

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

Ontario offers different hiking trails for beginners, novices and experts. If youre looking to go into the wilderness, Shield of Northern Ontario is for you. The population is very low and has only a few secondary roads. Southern Ontario is also known for its forests even though it has a lot of farmland and urban sprawl. Its located south of Algonquin. Trails here, like the Bruce and Ganaraska, offer multi-day hikes and have places where you can lodge in nearby towns. Another forested trail is the Sentier Grande-Valle. This hike would be more suitable for adults being that it is muddy and have many obstacles such as rocks and trees, but it isnt too technical. It offers nice views of lakes and the mountains.

Lusk Falls, located in the Ottawa/Hull region has been rated a 10 among hikers. It takes about four hours to complete and along the way you may witness wild life, waterfalls exposed rocks and large pines. The mountain peaks at about 900 feet giving you an even better view of the Ottawa valley. You can also explore the ridge line and rock, and along the trail you will come across a fire tower, 2 km away theres a cabin where you can have a nice lunch. Hikers have spotted beaver dams, woodpeckers and even a bear!

Gatineau Park Skyline Trail, created in 1939, runs a short loop around the south and eastern edges the Gatineau Hills. It takes about an hour to complete the average rated trail.